How to play Keno indian online lottery

Keno indian online lottery


How can I play Keno online lottery india?

Playing keno indian online Lottery is very simple, since it is a game that does not involve too complicated rules. Anyway, thanks to the guide we are going to offer you, it will not present any difficulty.

Let's start at the beginning, with a bit of history and context: where does Keno indian online Lottery come from?

Origin of Keno

This game has been around for a long time, it has been played for perhaps thousands of years as it is one of t
he oldest known games of chance for money or ipl betting app gambling.

It is believed that it comes from China, although, like all popular manifestations, there is no documented origin that would allow us to place it exactly in time and place.

Most scholars of the origin of gambling place it in China about 3,000 years ago, in the middle of the Han Dynasty. Those were hard times, of endless wars and widespread poverty (wars in ancient times drowned the people with taxes to pay for them).

The leader of the Hang Dynasty,  fun88 login Cheung Leung, had the idea of creating a kind of lottery to get more money from the citizens without burdening them with more taxes.

This game, of course, was Keno lottery. Like all lotteries, it is organized by a public authority or administration, so that "the house" in this case was the rulers themselves, who would obtain from the game in question a new form of financing.

In fact, part of the construction of the Great Wall of China was financed thanks to Keno lottery.

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But like all stories without documents, we are going to leave this part of the origin of Keno lottery in possible origin, but not proven.

The way it would be configured, according to legend, has to do with a popular game with which to learn to write in Chinese and which contained no less than 1,000 different symbols.

According to historians, Cheung Leung took 120 of those symbols (the first ones), and with them he started Keno lottery, which was played with passion throughout the - huge - Chinese territory, even bringing news of the periodic results to the most remote areas through carrier pigeons.

What we do know is that in 1847 the Portuguese government of Macau decided to extend licenses for lottery operators, which included the old Keno Lottery. To this day, Chinese characters are still played in China but in a lower number, namely 80.

In the West as well, except that the Chinese characters have been replaced by numbers. Chinese emigration to the United States brought Keno lottery across the ocean and it soon gained popularity. It adapted to the language and circumvented the prohibitions of legality in the early 20th century.

It is curious that to circumvent prohibitions it was sometimes called "Racehorses Keno lottery" or Keno lottery horse race, a name that remains in some casinos.

Objective of keno indian online lottery


The objective of Keno indian online lottery is very simple: it is about predicting combinations of numbers, in the same way as lottery or bingo.

In the case of Keno indian online lottery, the objective is to choose groups of 20 numbers (or less) among the 80 that the game starts with and predict that those will be the chosen ones, placing the desired bet on that combination.

How to play keno indian online lottery: the rules

In a traditional casino, the player is given cards containing the 80 Keno lottery numbers. He must select from them about 20 numbers or even a lower number (according to the rules of the different existing variants).

Generally, these are paper cards on which the player crosses out the numbers, very similar to many Asian lotteries or official draws or bingo. The most common form includes ten columns and eight lines on which all the numbers are arranged.

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The card or paper is handed to the croupier or representative of the house who, after passing it through an electronic reader that validates it, gives the player a kind of electronic "receipt" that will be his valid participation (and that contains the chosen combination).

In order to decide which is the winning combination, the twenty (or less) numbers will be obtained through a completely random method, so that it is randomly chosen.

This system with which to obtain the winning combination can vary, from a kind of drum with balls to more technological versions, with small computers that make the choice through a random number generator.

Once the numbers have been drawn and the players' cards have been checked, the next step is to attribute a prize to the winning combination, if there is one: in the casino there is a prize table provided (it is essential that it exists before the game is played, so that the player has all the information and can decide how much to bet).

The player is paid in proportion to how many numbers he/she has matched and to the bet placed.

Each casino can set the payout table as it sees fit, setting higher or lower prizes as it sees fit. What is clear is that the more numbers you match, the higher the payout will be.

For example, it is so frequent for casinos to pay amounts that multiply by ten or even twenty times the player's bet in which he/she matches 20 numbers.

Keno lottery today

Keno lottery is still a game that appears frequently in casinos around the world, although today it is possible to play it from your own home with real money thanks to its online version: it is very simple, with a few clicks you select the numbers you prefer and wait for the system to start dropping the chosen numbers.

The numbers that come up, if they match the ones, you have crossed out, will be highlighted. So, it is simple in terms of mechanics and even more if you consider that there is the possibility of playing Keno lottery for free.

With commands that make it easy to place the bet (choosing a certain value and number of coins or credits bet) and the possibility of incorporating or not sound effects, a very entertaining result has been achieved and close to the real feeling.

A few tricks to win money playing Keno lottery

Are there tricks and strategies for the Chinese game of chance "keno lottery"?

Keno lottery, also known as "Chinese lottery", is an ancient game of chance very similar to bingo and lottery, but with the following differences: in this casino game, the card has 80 numbers of which you must mark up to 20.

Then, the 20 numbers that will form the winning combination are drawn at random. As in the normal lottery, the more numbers you match, the bigger your prize and the more money you can win.

You must keep in mind that Keno lottery is not one of those games where you can win a lot of money, on the contrary, its pay tables are usually quite low.

Since it is a random game of chance like slots or bingo, it may seem that there is no trick to win more money, but this is not the case. Still, below we are going to give you several useful tips and strategies to win at Keno lottery.

Start playing without betting: This advice can be extrapolated to any other game of chance: before you start betting money on any online casino game, make sure you know well how to play it, that you like it and what expectations of profit you can have playing it for free. Without betting money.

In the case of Keno lottery, there are several online casinos that allow you to play it for points, such as Casino Midas, where you also have other game options such as boards of 40 numbers instead of 80 so that the chances of winning are higher.

Choose random numbers: Keno lottery is a game where the numbers are random, so your numbers should be random too. Choosing "lucky numbers" based on anniversaries, birthdays and the like will severely limit your choices because, as we explained at the beginning, in keno lottery the casino chooses 20 winning numbers ou
t of 80.

If your subconscious leads you to always use the same numbers, you can use some program or website to choose random numbers, where you have to select the minimum number and the maximum number (in this case "1" and "80") and click on "generate", and so on.

Choose the right amount of numbers: As mentioned above, you can choose up to 20 numbers to play keno lottery with. It is mathematically proven that choosing between 4 and 6 numbers offers the best chances of winning in this casino game. Maximum 10. Many casinos know this and that is why they force their players to play at least 1o numbers.

You have to keep in mind that by betting fewer numbers the reward is also lower.

Consider these strategies before playing lottery, even you want to play indian lottery. If you would like to play lottery, you can do it at FUN88. Visit FUN88 and start having fun when playing online lottery india!

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